Monday, July 16, 2007

State-Machine Workflow Part II

We have the following on the host app:
  1. A service class that implements communication-service interface
  2. The workflow runtime and its services which are instantiated and added respectively in the host app.
Service Class
The service class basically implements the communication-service interface, promising the interface that it understands which events the workflow would support and that it will raise them. For each of the events that is supported the service class just raises them. That's it!

Workflow Runtime
We come to the centre of the pizza! Workflow runtime is the actual component that hosts the workflow. In effect, it's the translator between the workflow and the rest of the world.

Many services can be registered while instantiating the runtime. Services for External Data Exchange, tracking etc (the list of services can be easily googled) are provided to add extra functionality to the bare-bone runtime. But it's very important to choose the services judiciously as a service without purpose brings down the performance.

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