Thursday, July 12, 2007

Error loading workflow: Runtime capabilities are not available with this type

I just started-off with coding on workflows and the first error that I see:

I did quite a bit of googling but couldn't find any answer. Usually in these kind of errors, the error (written in blue) is given with link which would take the dev to the error line. But here the link doesn't work i.e. you don't go anywhere :)

So the resolution?
Well, just rebuild the whole application. And it works like magic. Now, what's going on here: The scenario was that we were two guys working on same code using TFS. He had checked-in code which was not properly building (he was infact in the middle of making some changes). Once he checked-in properly building code things started working properly.


srikanth said...

Cool.. works like a charm.. as in the title, it is not so obvious.

Abhishek Agarwal said...

Another place where this shows up in is the following scenarion:

1) You have a custom activity validator
2) During compilation, you get the above mentioned errors.

Workaround: Close all the windows (especially the design windows) and compile again.

Anonymous said...

Abhishek's workaround worked for me.

Kieran said...

Brillant, what useless error messages!

ShiftyDev said...

As an addition to Abhishek's suggestion about closing all windows, I had to close all windows and both instances of Visual Studio I had running at the time. Then, I only opened one instance of Visual Studio 2010 and rebuilt the solution. Then everything worked like a dream.

Thanks guys for getting me going again.