Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How many still read books?

An interesting discussion is brewing up at codeproject.com. The discussion is about how many people still read those "hard paper books"? How many of us still do it? I do it. Probably 1 book a week :) I know it sounds unbelievable but its true. No doubt, I have started this initiative pretty recently. I have 4 books now under this belt. But, anyway, that's not the topic right now.

Most of the time people think that, in this blog-savvy world, there is hardly anyone left who reads books (for whatever reason!). But I was surprised to see that MS MVPs (people chipping-in to the discussion at codeproject) still find time to read books, around 10-50 per year. thats a pretty good score, considering that an year has around 52 weeks. So a book-a-week.

So, if you look at it the other way round, then
looks like I'm on my way to become a MS MVP :) :) :)

Wonderful to know that I have company! Oh no, not as MVPs but as book readers :)